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Kiss Mo Dekinakatta

Kiss Mo Dekinakatta

  • Authors: Isaka Juguro
  • Chapters: 5 chapters
  • Status: Continues

Kiss Mo Dekinakatta Manga Summary

This is a joint project by Unmei No Chance and Muses Scans. “Mikazuchi Dorm” a dorm where the male students live.Sagara never had a problem finding a partner, but for the first time had has heart broken. As it was hard for him to stay at the dorms, he ventures to his childhood friend, Hibiki’s Dorm instead. But as Sagara realized Hibiki looked like the vice dorm leader when he wears his glasses, he asked him to “comfort me” as a joke. To his surprise, Hibiki agrees. Drunk in Hibiki’s erotic expressions, they have sex. After, Hibiki actually confesses to him, saying he's always loved him…!? Arrogant hottie x Courageous man, a love that stemmed from being a replacement. The third story of the Mikazuchi dorms.
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