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Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Jitsu wa Watashi wa

  • Authors: MASUDA Eiji
  • Chapters: 202 chapters
  • Status: Continues

Jitsu wa Watashi wa Manga Summary

A regular high school pupil who allegedly cannot keep a key, Asahi Kuromine, locates when he sees his classmate, Y?ko Shiragami, unfurling a substantial set of wings from her again, his behavior immediately challenged. He learns that Y?ko is a vampire, and that she's just in a position to to go to a college that is regular on a single condition: lest her dad pull her home, no one should find her true identification. As Y?ko herself is an airhead this key becomes hard to keep up and the childhood pal Mikan of Asahi keeps strong-arm the both of these. Later on, he finds more ladies in his college with strategies in their own: a miniature alien who rides a human-sized exoskeleton of herself, a werewolf effective at changing sex at any given depiction of a moon, a 1000-year old devil who secretly runs the college, and more who present a problem as Asahi attempts to keep Y?ko's solution. Characters Asahi Kuromine Asahi is a second-year high-school pupil who apparently cannot keep a key, so much that his moniker is "leaky basket." He discovers that his present puppy love, Y?ko, is a vampire when he finds her unfurling her wings after school.[ch. 1] As a result, he's compelled to keep her key, lest she have to drop-out of both college and his existence. Through the entire show, he discovers the folks around him aren't and comes to discover secrets about his class-mates who they appear to be. Frequently compelled to perform with the straight guy in scenarios that are progressively illogical, Asahi frequently acts through his internal monologues as the storyteller. He's also prone to projectile nose-bleeds when faced with perverse scenarios, earning the moniker "Eromine" from Y?ko. Asahi has a younger sister named Mei, although she's hardly mentioned in the narrative until much later on.
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